A thoughtful approach to energy transition - Chris Slubicki

I met with Chris Slubicki, President of Modern Resources Inc., after being referred to his very informative video on energy and CO2, at a forum hosted by Sproule earlier this month.  The video is linked below.

Chris and I share views on the energy transition we require in the world, and the best ways to mitigate the production of CO2, and reduce the impact of too much CO2 in our environment. 

I encourage everyone to forward this video -- which is almost 50 minutes long -- to people across this country, so all Canadians can get an informed view on our energy industry, a deliverable environmental approach, and how we fit in the world. 

Thank you, Chris, for yeoman's work getting this broadcast together, and getting the message out to everyone to understand.

In recent years, Canada's focus on being a leading environmental citizen has come into apparent conflict with our desire to responsibly provide clean, affordable energy for a growing world that demands a higher standard of living for all. In this talk, Mr. Slubicki will discuss the (at times) uncomfortable reality of energy and the environment in Canada and around the world.
Greg McLeanComment