Royal Bank publishes on the importance of the energy industry to Canada's economy

I'm linking to a piece from the Royal Bank called 'Energy Matters: Canada’s Options for the 2020s'.

 This easy-to-read and understand production from Canada's largest bank is important for its information and its source.  The information is known in the energy industry, but somewhat unknown elsewhere -- as in parts of Canada that do not understand the importance of the energy industry to the Canadian economy.

 The source distributing it gives it resonance in the business community and others who may have already shut out information arriving from the energy industry -- or who consider such information biased.  

 Months ago, I met with Leona Alleslev, the Member of Parliament from Aurora - Oak Ridges - Richmond Hill (Ontario), shortly after she crossed the floor to join the Conservative caucus. I expressed my dismay to her that people in Ontario had not yet turned on the Trudeau Government, for their appalling economic record.  She assured me that message is getting through.

 This piece from a Toronto-based international bank is a turning point for objective Canadians understanding the choices our energy industry is facing -- and the choices being made for it by a Government unconcerned with the long-term consequences to our country and its citizens.

 To some, it is old hat -- but its dissemination to all Canadians is very important.

Link to the publication here.

Greg McLeanComment