Here’s what some Canadians have to say about

Greg McLean.



“I have known Greg McLean for many years.  He is a person who lives with this highest integrity, does what he says he is going to do, and ensures that his decisions are fair and equitable for all.  Greg’s combined experiences as a volunteer, financial expert and leader; gives him the profile that I am seeking in my riding, for Calgary Centre.  I am extremely grateful for his willingness to serve.”

Catherine Brownlee
President and CEO
CBI - Connecting People Globally

John Mar2.png

John Mar

“I first met Greg whilst we both served on the Board of Calgary Centre for our then Member of Parliament, Lee Richardson. Greg was also instrumental in advising me and volunteering during my Municipal Campaigns and I frequently sought his counsel on a variety of issues over the years.

“Greg is a thoughtful, hard working individual who has continued to impress me in the seventeen years I’ve known him. His knowledge of federal issues and the impact they have here at home is a stark contrast to the lack of representation we’ve endured in recent years.

“I know Greg well and I wholeheartedly support him in his campaign to become our next Conservative Member of Parliament in Calgary Centre.”

John Mar

Former City of Calgary Councillor, Ward 8

Jim Gray.jpeg

jim gray

"I think Greg brings the right mix of business experience, exposure to our energy industry, and public policy insight that is required right now for an elected representative from Calgary Centre.  I'm proud to support his efforts."

Jim Gray

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bryan gould

"I have come to know Greg personally and professionally over the past 5 years.  From the outset, I was impressed with Greg’s dignified and professional demeanor, which I find exemplary in both a business and political context. I find Greg to be thoughtful and his business acumen and knowledge about the energy industry is evident in all of our conversations. We are honored to have Greg as both a friend and business colleague."

Bryan Gould
President and CEO
Aspenleaf Energy

chris dorland.jpg

chris dorland

"Proud to support Greg McLean for Calgary Centre. Greg is the voice we need in Ottawa and far and away the best candidate in my mind."

Chris Dorland
Vice President
ShopToIt Inc

Tracey Bodnarchuk.jpg

tracey bodnarchuk

"Calgary Centre is our riding in Calgary. I’ve lived in Killarney for years and we just bought our new house there. I would like to encourage my friends and colleagues who live in the neighbourhood to vote for Greg McLean. He brings consideration for both social AND fiscal ones, is very knowledgeable about business, a family man with good values and relatable. He and his wife Ruth, along with countless volunteers, have been knocking on doors and talking with real people. He will be the best possible representation for us in Ottawa! #vote #mclean"

Tracey Bodnarchuk
Chief Revenue Officer
Hopewell Residential



"After meeting Greg last summer, and listening to him speak on the issues that are affecting Albertans, and what drove him to seek the nomination, I left impressed. Greg will be an excellent candidate for the Conservative Party in Calgary Centre, and will be a strong voice for Alberta in Ottawa."

Councillor Sean Chu

Peter Armstrong.jpg


"I've worked closely with Greg -- in his past political role and with my business. I've seen him tested, and I've seen him succeed. Calgary and Canada will be well-served with Greg as a Member of Parliament."

Peter Armstrong
Founder and CEO, Armstrong Group
Operating "The Rocky Mountaineer"

Tom Simons.jpg

tom simons

"With Greg in government, Calgary Centre and Canada will have a great chance of harnessing the problem-solving capabilities of business for the betterment of all Canadians"

Tom Simons
President, Canadian Energy Services
President, CES Energy Solutions

Charles Selby.jpg


"Greg has financed oil and gas companies for almost 20 years in Calgary.  I strongly support his candidacy.  Our industry needs someone with his expertise acting on our behalf in Ottawa."

Charles Selby
President, Caledonian Royalty Corporation

Lindsay Blackett.jpg


“Greg McLean is someone I have known and respected for over 30 years. I supported Greg in his run for the nomination because he is a man of principle and ideas. With a focus on integrity in politics in light of the JWR situation, we need strong principled individuals to represent us in Ottawa. Greg McLean is that candidate.”

Lindsay Blackett
Former Calgary MLA and Alberta Cabinet Minister

Joan Andre.jpeg


 "I've known Greg since he worked for my late husband, the Hon. Harvie Andre, during the years that Brian Mulroney was Prime Minister of Canada.  Harvie had a great team of people around him, and for over three years, Greg was a key part of that team.  I've watched Greg's business career progress since those days, and I think Calgary Centre would be lucky to have a Member of Parliament with as much experience and commitment as Greg brings -- from both a financial and political perspective."

Joan Andre


dustin franks

"I first met Greg in 2012. He shares my fiscally conservative and socially progressive views. He knows how to campaign and knows our riding well. Calgary Centre voters are diverse, mobile, educated, and expect more from their elected officials. Our candidate needs to be able to talk to residents outside the Glencoe Club with the same genuine ease as talking to residents outside the Ship and Anchor. Greg can do both and that is why he has my support. With hard work, Greg will continue the tradition of our riding once again having a strong voice for us in Ottawa."

Dustin Franks
Calgary-Elbow UCP Association



“I want an energetic, experienced and practical voice to represent my family and me in our riding. As someone who has known Greg both in business and personally for over 20 years and called this riding home for the majority of my life, I cannot think of a better candidate.
We need someone with a full grasp of the issues, both in Alberta and Ottawa. Someone who will be a vocal advocate for our riding, our city and our province but also can advance national initiatives that will improve our economy.
Greg McLean is that person.”

Scott Jenkins
President and COO
MGO Systems