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“We live in a great country. Every Canadian has the opportunity to build on their strengths and contribute to our robust, diverse society."


Why vote Greg?

I have the skills for improved decision-making and better outcomes

I’m running for the Conservative Party in Calgary Centre because I believe we have inherited a great country, but I also see ways we can make it even better.  I have the business skills to contribute nationally to improved decision-making and better outcomes, while also representing the views of the constituents of this diverse and inspiring constituency.

We risk losing advantages that others sacrificed to build

I’ve been fortunate to have received a world-class education, and we should acknowledge the debt we owe to those that have built this country and its many advantages.  

When I travel overseas, I see the benefits that we take for granted.  These assets have been gifted to us by forward-thinking builders of this country.  But we must keep pressing forward or we risk losing the advantages that others made sacrifices to build. I don’t see that long-term vision in our current Trudeau-Liberal government.


I’m asking for your help

Participatory democracy requires participation. It is one of those great Canadian benefits that we must exercise to ensure it remains meaningful.

Please remember to vote on October 21 (or at an Advance Poll on October 11, 12 and 13). And consider if you would like to help: volunteer, donate, put a lawn or window sign on your property, or encourage others to participate.

Please take a look at this 99 second video in which I outline my priorities if elected as your Member of Parliament.